News! LifeCheck Tool Launches

Getting personalised health information, whether to address specific concerns or just to see how healthy you are, can be a challenge. But with the launch of LifeCheck on the NHS Choices website, this will now be much easier.

The LifeCheck tool generates an individual health profile and health tips tailored to the user’s needs based on answers to a few key questions about age and lifestyle. The individual is then encouraged to set achievable goals to improve their health and wellbeing.

The new LifeCheck is a user-friendly tool covering all age groups from newborns to grandparents. It combines and extends three existing tools: Baby LifeCheck (5 to 8 months), Teen LifeCheck (12 to 15 years), Mid-LifeCheck (for the over 40s).

Health Minister Simon Burns said: “We all sometimes wonder whether we could be doing more to look after our health. Getting clear, reliable information that’s relevant to our own circumstances can be a challenge.

“LifeCheck offers a free, quick and easy way of doing this. By giving advice which is personalised and suggesting achievable goals it encourages people to think about how simple lifestyle changes can improve their own health and that of their families.”

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