News! New Domestic Abuse Campaign

We've launched a new campaign designed to help make it easier for people experiencing domestic abuse to get support.

Posters featuring a footprint made out of eggshells and asking the question "Are you tired of walking on eggshells?" are being put up around the county, addressing the feeling many people may identify with if they're in an abusive relationship.

The posters, along with leaflets, stickers and business cards, feature a free, 24-hour helpline that people suffering from domestic abuse can call for support and information − 0800 0198 668.

Abuse is not always physical and can come in many forms including emotional, financial, psychological, sexual and so-called "honour-based violence".

The new campaign aims to get people to question whether they are in an abusive relationship by thinking about how they normally feel and if they need to "'tip-toe" around their partner for fear of a bad reaction.

Derbyshire police received more than 12,300 reports of domestic abuse in 2015 and nationally 1 in 5 children have been exposed to some form of domestic abuse.


The campaign is funded by the county council and Derbyshire's Police and Crime Commissioner to help make people aware of the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Support Line which brings all local support services together in one place including refuge, community support and support for children.

Previously, people calling the support line could be passed onto other agencies depending on their assessed level of risk and men would be referred to a different number.

Now victims only have to make one phone call whatever their gender or circumstances.


Residents can call the free confidential domestic abuse support line on 08000 198 668 or find more information about support services online