News! Derbyshire Pension Fund

Derbyshire County Councils Pensions and investment committee has agreed a pension funding strategy statement and an investment strategy statement.

Both statements have to be agreed at least every three years following consultation with stakeholders.

DCC manage the Derbyshire Pension Fund on behalf of 190 local employers, including Derby City Council and all the district and borough councils in the county. There are 90,000 pension scheme members.

The primary objective of the fund is to ensure that over the long term the fund will be able to meet all pension payments. These payments will be met by the contributions pension scheme members make and income resulting from the investment strategy.

The purpose of the funding strategy statement is:

  • to establish a clear and transparent strategy for the pension fund that identifies how employer's pension liabilities are best met in the future
  • to support the desirability of maintaining as nearly constant employer contribution rates as possible
  • to take a prudent longer-term view of funding the liabilities

The purpose of the investment strategy statement is:

  • to explain how the council intends to invest ina  range of different assets
  • to show that consideration has been given to the suitability of different types of investment
  • to show an appropriate approach to managing risk

For more information on the strategies click here.