News! Social Marketing For Falls Project

The aim of this project is to reduce the number of older people falling by gaining insight from older people and people affected by falls i.e. carers and key stakeholders to inform messages around falls and active ageing. 

It is aimed at the following groups:

  • Those approaching older age (50-64)
  • Those that have fallen and at a risk of falling (65+)
  • Those affected, i.e. carers
  • Key stakeholders (professionals/volunteers that work with older people)

The first phase of this project is to undertake research with the target groups (listed above). The research company would like to speak to older people and key stakeholders about falls. This will then be used to inform how, who and where we communicate falls prevention and healthy ageing messages across Derbyshire in the future.

The research company are looking for stakeholders to speak to and take part in a stakeholder engagement event and also older people. In your locality if you are aware of any stakeholders who would be interested in taking part or groups of older people that the research company could contact to enable them to speak to older people to take part in the research please could you pass on the following information;

  • Name of group
  • Brief description of the group
  • Group demographics 
  • Key contact 
  • Address
  • Days/time they meet

If you are able to provide details of anyone that can support this project you will be kept updated on progress and when the research company is likely to get in touch with the contacts you have provided. 

Please send any relevant information or queries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.