News! Scam ALERT

Be aware if you work in the care sector...

A message from Jennie Street - Managing Director at Rhubarb Farm

On 4th November, Rhubarb Farm received an email out of the blue from Global Health and Pharma informing us that our organisation (a small social enterprise), had been nominated for an award for our work in the care sector. When I rang the, the company refused to tell me who had nominated Rhubarb Farm.

After some searching I think this is another scam and I would advise others to be aware of it, especially as it appears to have a US origin.

When you receive an email they ask you to accept your nomination. But it seems the purpose of the 'award' is for this company to offer 'a number of editorial options each offering you exposure to our global subscriber base of 260,000 healthcare professionals, investors, c-suite level executives and medical experts.' These options range in price from $368 to $1,492. Note the dollars - the information is not given in the email. 

Though the company claims you don't need to buy the options it is obvious that this is a marketing ploy. I suspects they trawl the internet for likely organisations and there has been no such thing as a nomination process.

This is listed on Scampulse, so I suggest that anyone in the care and community organisations receiving a similar email should ignore it.