Bolsover Partnership - Sustainable Community Strategy 2020 Consultation

In 2006, the Sustainable Community Strategy for Bolsover District 2006-2020 was launched.

With 2020 fast approaching and Bolsover Partnership’s use of the document as the key driver for agreeing and achieving key priorities, work continues to agree and produce a replacement.

The new strategy considers our joint achievements over the 15 year period and Thematic Action Groups have begun to identify priorities and actions for 2020 and beyond.

It would be appreciated if you would therefore take the time to consider the content of the draft strategy and provide any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 8th November, 2019.


To view the document please click here. 


Sustainable Community Strategy 

Sustainable Community Strategies aim to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of local areas and have a stronger focus on balancing the needs of the local economy together with environmental and social issues. 

The intention of the Community Strategy is to focus on the themes where there is a clear need to bring together different sections of the community. Public, private and voluntary sector organisations, community groups and local people work together to deliver improved services and quality of life in local areas. This shared commitment is necessary to work towards the long-term vision and to deal with the key challenges that face us.

Our Community Strategy comprises seven main themes:

  • Reduced Crime - A safer and better community
  • A Healthy Environment - A better place to live
  • Improved Cultural Activities - A better life
  • Improved Health - Getting better all the time 
  • Greater Prosperity - A better place to work 
  • Lifelong Learning - Better results, a better future
  • Improved Access - Better access to all areas

The strategy provides a common vision among our partners for the local area:

"Our Sustainable Community Strategy has a vision of a diverse, healthy, fair and prosperous district, building on the strengths of our industrial past to become a vibrant, thriving community capable of meeting the challenges and the opportunities of the future."